Commercial Extended Warranty

Offering a longer term backed warranty can be a valuable differentiator for a manufacturer, seller, solution provider or VAR.

In some cases, a buyer will require the seller to obtain backing for their warranties to ensure performance in the future.  In other cases the seller may require variable terms on a job by job basis.  Utilizing a licensed and backed third-party provider makes it easy to configure the right solution for your customer.

Commercial Extended Warranty solutions are available for many product categories.  These solutions are configured as Service Contracts or Limited Warranty programs and are backed by strong financially secure companies.

Examples include:

  • Commercial Appliances
  • Generators
    • EMD Generators
    • Diesel Generators
    • Natural Gas Generators
    • LP Generator
  • Heat Pumps
  • HVAC
  • LED Lighting
    • Bulbs
    • Fixtures
  • Solar
    • Solar Panels
    • Solar Trackers
    • Solar Batteries